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Le Coucou Design

Le Coucou Design uses an existing production tool to innovate and limit the consumption of resources.

Here is an example :

Let's take a standard bluetooth speaker, the Coucou Design will make it innovative.

We have:


A plastic injection mold

An assembly process

We analyze how to reuse the existing production device with the minimum of changes

A new electronic card (PCB) is created to be integrated into the existing enclosure.

For the production plant, only the test phase was changed, the entire production tool was reused. For the user, a new product is born in record time, competitively priced while saving resources.

Our objective

Invent products with the values of tomorrow

re-use of the industrial process

(materials, molds, manufacturing process)

open, hackable products

that stimulate creativity

virtuous products

that respects the environment

Products developed according to the method Le Coucou Design

Cool Period

An alternative to the use of disposable periodic protections: savings of 10kg of tampons / year / woman.


A tool that stimulates musical creativity with a modular system that allows you to use only the controls you need.


Sound cards for DIY projects that help makers create by inventing new uses.

Bobo vélo

Gamme d’accesoires pour vélos écolos

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